Posted by: 2stepsback | August 1, 2005

The whole idea of this blog

Everyone gets ideas. Some cultivate a habit of coming up with ideas. Some make it an art. Others make it a science. Still some others go on to make a whole community portal dedicated to managing ideas, like and . My contribution is a little blog for a small audience, since I fall more or less into the first category. How do you deal with this blog? Simple, read on….

If you’ve always wanted to
(a) contribute to the open source movement by giving your valuable ideas or efforts, or,
(b) show off your immense and varied talents in programming and make money out of it, but are still finding that one great idea elusive, then,
this is meant to help.

Okay, okay, if not anything else, you’ll have a good laugh. If you do find anything really useful, drop a mail.

Following is the algorithm to use this page with least fuss.

1. Pick up an idea from here.
2. See if it is feasible. If feasible go to step 6.
3. Either have a hearty laugh (Most likely path of algorithm execution) or admire my versatile thinking (or whatever).
4. If bored go to step 15.
5. Go to step 1.
6. See if it is already made by someone (most likely). If yes go to step 12.
7. Start a project at SourceForge or Tigris.
8. Somehow get visibility for the project (preferably polish the idea to meet some specific contemporary need of the computing community).
9. (Hopefully) finish the project.
10. Send me a mail (maybe one complaining how well I conjured up this whole thing to waste your time).
11. Go to step 1.
12. Curse your luck that you were not born a few years earlier.
13. If bored go to Step 15.
14. Go to Step 1.
15. Stop.

By the way, I strongly suggest that, whoever you are, if have not already, follow this algorithm

1. Go to
2. Spend at least two hours on that place getting to know what it is.(“investigation”)
3. Investigate .
4. If you get impressed (most likely) by this whole new way of living, I mean, programming, subscribe to the SourceForge and NewsForge dailies.
5. Also investigate
6. Make one of them your homepage.
7. Join a project at one of them.
8. Enjoy the new life.
9. Don’t stop!!!!!



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