Posted by: 2stepsback | August 2, 2005

Massively Interconnected Distributed Computing Systems

The next level

Right now we have single web pages accessing content from anywhere on the web. An image from this site, a frame from that site, an ad from a third and so on.For a long time, before I learnt Java, I used to think that
was meant to tell the compiler that
a) at runtime the system was supposed to be connected to the internet
b) code from that import needed in this file was to be fetched over the internet from the java subdivision of the site at runtime!

After all,
import com.mysite.foobar;
share an obvious relation.

Also, I believed that
1) everyone had put up their libraries nicely under their root directories
2) these are organised such that the imports corresponded to the actual directory structure browsable by a web browser!
3) all libraries were more or less free for anyone’s use
4) all .com websites had one place on the net, all .org one, all .net one and so on
5) this was why java was slow
6) java needed an always-on internet conenction

If all that sounded pretty foolish, consider the following –
1) everyone has broadband,
2) web services are hot,
3) grid computing is hot

Get the import of this?
The next logical thing is highly integrated web services environment with a pay-per-access model for reusable code. I don’t know about you, but it sounds good to me. Especially when seen in the light of grid computing. Also, I just found out some time back that Sun(TM) has the brand slogan “The Network is the computer”(TM) . As it turns out, we have had SETI, Tor and Freenet for a long time now. So, Massively ….. Systems are definitely going to take centrestage in the future.



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