Posted by: 2stepsback | August 13, 2005

A new idea for DBMSes: UDF dependency graphs

Anyone who has spent at least a few days debugging a large (500+ stored procedures) database- based application knows how badly intertwined the dependency of SPs can get. SP1 calls SP2, which calls SP3, SP4 and SP5. SP2 is called by SP6, SP7, SP8. SP7 is called by SP4 for some task and SP9 for some other. I hope you are getting the idea. when you deal with 20-25 tables and 10-15 SPs the situation is just manageable. Yet so many of the real-world aopplications have much more than that number. So, what we need as a fancy add-on utility is dependency graph renderer which,say, shows the tables as squares or rectangles and SPs as bubbles or ovals and arrows ending with a pacman-like arrow head showing that so-and-so SPs modifies so and so table

imagine the pacman object in place of the ( and ) :

SP1 —–( t1 )——–SP3

t2 )——–SP4——-( t5 )——-SP6
+——->SP5 (table t2 triggers SP5)A visual graph of the entire database – much like in MSAccess but for SPs and dependencies.
You can make certain operations possible from the graph as well.
A generic package of this kind will be really hot.



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