Posted by: 2stepsback | October 14, 2005

XML ideas: Maintaining directory listings

If a standard be introduced for it, cataloging media in XML (just as news is “catalogged” in RSS and ATOM) will become efficient and easy. A lot many applications and users need to know which file lies where. If a standard be introduced, then, since XML can natively store data in tree form, storing the contents entire drives in tree format will not be too difficult, especially using tools like ECS from Apache and dom4j. This can bring about a standardized listing and searching format which can be exchanged by people just as the RSS format catalogs news and sends it around to users. This will be especially useful to file-sharing or mirroring applications and inside organizations where lot of softwares are installed and information of which file is stored where need to be passed around frequently. Also, document management systems will find such a standard and an implementing program very useful.



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