Posted by: 2stepsback | October 14, 2005

XML Ideas: OOP and serialization

This is a natural and straightforward one – since natively, XML is a tree of nodes with support for attributes for each node, it is simple to see that Objects in OO languages can be serialized to a substantial degree in a common XMLObjects format. At the moment, I know of no such standard or protocol, but surely there will be something substantial of this kind. Since we can easily create a universal file format, Objects in C++ can be stored in the XMLObjects format and retrieved in Java and vice-versa. The actual format may be a simple listing of the properties and pointers to packages and classes and names of code members in Java, and names of libraries and code members in C++. Or, it may be a complicated formal structure (more appropriate for a formal wide-scope definition). Whatever the file format, it can be created within a month if the appropriate community works on it and we can have different OOP systems exchanging data in XML. It can be voluminous data as well.



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