Posted by: 2stepsback | November 1, 2005

Old Idea, New Look – WinShell

One good idea for a project for Windows programmers is to make a shell for a scripting language much on the lines of the C shell in Linux. In the C shell, you can directly enter C expressions at the shell prompt and have the shell evaluate C expressions. The windows counterpart, because Windows is so GUI-centric, should support simple GUI functions like dislpaying a message box, a simple form, popup menus for right click etc. One such language already exists and goes by the name of Auto It, but is not as popular as one would expect it to be. Also, I do not think it has a command-prompt interface like TCL or Python have. The project I am talking of, can be made modular and pluggable right from the start with support for adding plugins in the future, so that shells for other popular programming or scripting languages can be added on as modules to the main project. (Maybe such a plugin can be developed for already existing plugin-oriented programs like Eclipse!) You can then take batch programming to the next level – to where Unix Shell programming already is – Windows Shell Programming. I am not hinting at making another scripting language with libraries and modules for everything – there are already enough of them – Perl, TCL, Python, Ruby etc. , just a shell which does common useful things. The name can be something like WinShell and you can put a some functionality (again not a new scripting language) into it – a GUI module, a C module, a C++ module. Of course, this kind of a project requires a team and a lot of planning. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to look at.



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