Posted by: 2stepsback | April 12, 2007

Explorer ideas: Right-click, tagging

The explorer right-click paradigm needs a serious re-look.
Who ever said that there should only be a context *menu* when you right-click?
Why can’t there be a context run dialog or a context voice message or a context listview pop-up?
These may or may not be easily doable in Windows Explorer per se, but they sure are easy (peanuts, in fact) in a web based explorer – things like webdesktop, eyeos, xcerion, lots more.
If and when Google releases their much awaited next-gen internet-booting LiveUSB GoogOS, they’ll have *web search* and *web services* included in the “explorer right-click”.
Greasemonkey may be doing this already. If it’s difficult to visualize such a dynamic UI, I’d refer you to the demo video for Scrybe. It’s not yet released but it seems they’re releasing it soon.

Also, IMO, for large volume text entries (= lots of words/phrases/links/addresses) the craigslist UI is best, as also is the delicious “tag-cloud” UI. That should really make its way into the plethora of explorers on windows like XYPlorer, Magellan Explorer, etc.

The explorer or shell should also “ruminate” …. like indexing done by desktop search programs, but tag based rumination and maybe occasionally asking the user intelligent questions like:
“I’m about to tag the whole bunch of mp3s you got from Napster with *DRM* and *illegal* 😉 , should I continue? Yes/No/Cancel” ….
So that’s one more thing that desktop taggers can do.

More details soon….



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