Posted by: 2stepsback | April 12, 2007

Purchase Software in Instalments

In today’s structured social-financial system, we can buy every tangible product or asset, and even several services, on instalments. We buy products/assets which we cannot pay for in one sum (generally these are the ones that cost you a month’s full salary or more), on periodic instalments. Due to the increasingly complex sofware systems we use, these now often cost more than a month’s salary. In situations where the software is sold to entities in third-world or developing countries, the software sometimes costs an individual’s entire year’s salary. Yes, it does. Naturally, piracy is rampant and when you know that you aren’t going to get caught and you can have the whole thing for free, without hassles, why bother paying?

There’s a way out of this structured disorder ( at least for certain products and markets): Purchasing software on instalments.
Why bother making a new system of this kind and getting more headaches to handle? As it is, software companies have enough issues wth product stability ( MS, basic operative predictability), support, competition and innovation.

The answer is, till a few years ago, we did not have the institutions or technology in place to handle these things. Now, we do.

ShareIt! and Paypal for example.

Microsoft is already proclaiming Micropayments. Skype is already using it – prepaid talktime. (I don’t know how many hundres of others – these are the first two that came to mind)

Yes the bank route has been there for ages, but that also means opening an account, doing paperwork, submitting documents, waiting for approvals…. you get the idea. No such here. Buy one Paypal / ShareIt! / other account *once*. Work from inside that place for everything else online.

Look at the prices of the latest Adobe Creative Suite. All your creativity will be drained by that one line at the end : “$1,788.30 only”



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