Posted by: 2stepsback | April 12, 2007

Software Possibilities

Here’s a list of ideas which *may* give you income. They will definitely give you great coding skills and exposure to the software development life cycle and experience on working on projects of different kinds on varied platforms. So it’s every bit useful considering them.

Generically, every good, well-thought-out IDE grows a community of plugins and programs (naturally therefore programmers and users) around it.

Some such populous software ecosystems are :

  • (EPIC, YOXOS/Innoopract, EasyEclipse, lots more….)
  • HTMLKit (440+ plugins, plug-in generator!! )
  • WordPress (my fav)
  • Movable Type
  • Mambo, now “Joomla!”(1000+ plugins/themes. Like WOW!)
  • Top 10 PHP frameworks:

Now the fun part:
All of those things need translations, and plugins to manage common non-core tasks like:

  • mailing-list-management
  • shopping-carts
  • blog tools
  • image galleries
  • forums
  • live chats
  • SMS integration
  • MMS/Skype/GoogleTalk/Gizmo/(VOIP in general) integration
  • talking characters
  • flash animation frameworks
  • javascript effects
  • AJAX-ification
  • VRML – 3D graphics modules

Then, there’s LOADS of interoperation and interconversion with and between existing formats like pdf, png, bmp, tiff, jpg, doc, docbook(linux), XML, sql, etc.

Then there are multiple databases between which the sql formats are not compliant, so you need converters, patches, etc.

Looks like a lot of opportunity to me.

Specifically for web2.0, start here:



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