Posted by: 2stepsback | June 2, 2007

Great FOSS news

Party time!
If you are a developer looking to learn new things or new technologies, there is great news:

SourceForge.Net is now coming into its own … after possibly entering your PC already, this way or that
Others are here as well:

Some good practices to follow when surfing at Sourceforge:

  • Look for Development status of the project – if you want to only use programs, look for Stable/Production or Mature – if you want to join look for Planning, Pre-Alpha, Alpha and Beta
  • Use the software trove or map regularly
  • When searching, use the “Filter” feature – it is simply indispensible
  • Respect the licenses – the fact that tested source code is available for free is a strong temptation to steal the code. If you rob code sooner or later, someone will make out – users are pretty good at spotting similarities and your name will figure on prominent hall of shame lists coming up everywhere.
    If you do not agree with the license find a liberally licensed alternative – Note that even there, code that someone else has written, you cannot call your own.
  • Click on the Advertisements – You get to know the latest free or cheap versions and offerings of established, leading open or closed source programs – 10 seconds worth of casual clicking on ads will give you a collection of links to products, of roughly this kind:
    IBM DB/2 Express, IBM WebSphere App Server Community Edition,
    Crystal Reports XI, MyEclipse IDE, Visual Paradigm for UML, SmartClient Enterprise AJAX, Altova Java Kit, JasperAssistant.
    And if that was not enough, Microsoft has things like this to offer: AJAX Control Toolkit, IronPython, SharePoint Learning Kit, PHP Excel 2007 Classes, XNA Animation Component Library, Commerce Starter Kit, FlickrNET API Library, FaceBook Developer Toolkit, PowerShell Community Extensions, XML Notepad

    So, there’s more to clicking on Ads than meets the eye.



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