Posted by: 2stepsback | September 14, 2007

Licenses that are different

No, I am not talking of the (non-)poisoned open source licenses that everyone is forced to think about these days.
I am talking of really different licenses:

In the source of certain PHP packages (or was it libraries….?) :
“The author disclaims all copyright for this work. Instead, it is replaced by a blessing …”

In a dictionary, thesaurus and synonym program :
“You cannot use this software for free if you travel by airplane and thus contribute to global warming. If you want to keep using this program for free, you should choose land transport, rail if possible, over airplane. If not, you must pay for it.”

In Spybot S&D :
‘Public Dedication License –
This software is dedicated to the most wonderful woman in the world.
Please pray for us.”

In Editor2 by Nikos Bozinis:
“Editor² is free, gratis and fer nowt. But don’t send me summons for court if you don’t like it either (or if by some cosmic coincidence it so happens to erase your hard-drive contents). Don’t even consider selling it for profit other than reasonable distribution costs.
Princes, princesses and other royalty, lottery-winners, top-flight executives and related rich folk are expected to make a donation if found addicted to Editor². Small contributions from less-fortunate warm-hearted folk won’t be turned down either. Details can be found in the website.

Refreshing and lightening, if not enlightening.

Maybe we should call these “folkware” Licenses, as against so many popular “forkware” licenses.



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