Posted by: 2stepsback | September 18, 2007

I am a spammer

Yeah, right!

Look at this page, a few previous posts and then decide for yourself whether or not I am a spammer. Yet, I am blocked from a couple of Linux forums because my email address has been banned due to abuse.
For emphasis:
I have abused a Linux forum even before registering , and so I am banned.
Now I really wonder whether those “Russian hackers” are Russian after all !
And whether those hidden TCP/IP craftsmen with a horribly evil bent of mind are using Linux at all !
(I have limited knowledge in this field. So, I may be wrong. Keep in mind.)

The stock response from the “professional spam fighting industry” is this:
These dirty third world programmers have no money and they go about messing other peoples’ online work.

What it calls for is not professional spam fighting and filtering that will scan all your email and store it as well.
It just calls for everyone providing email to
(1) support https, and keep it enabled by default
(2) give an option of encrypted email for free or for a fee

Pulling a theory that the Internet is a jungle and we are your guardians is typical FUD. Wanting to restructure the internet is the next level of FUD.

Paying a bit more for encryption makes sense, but if the encryption is done by someone else, I wonder what is the use of it.

So, what really makes sense is that all leading industry consortiums agree to an email code of conduct which necessitates all email to use GPG or similar strong encryption.

There are varied laws in various parts of the world – those people should follow their laws. The rest should use encryption by default.

Use of https over http will NOT flood down the internet as some FUD masters have predicted. OTOH, the internet has always scaled up its infrastructure to meet growing demands. Personally, I believe that that is a non-issue.

More later, I have got to hurry home! 😉



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