Posted by: 2stepsback | October 10, 2007

My idols

Everyone seems to be talking of their idols these days.
I would like to advertize my preferences as well so that better mental models of this little organic lump can be constructed 😉
The format is like this:
Short description
Reason I admire him.

1. Steve Wozniak
Prolific inventor, maker of Apple computers
True engineer. Innovates for innovation’s sake, not for money.
Leaves the money-makers to themselves. Neither attacks nor defends.
Neutral, non-controversial, focussed on innovating.

2. Dean Kamen
Prolific inventor, maker of several gadgets, including life-saving medical equipment
Innovation machine. Several socially productive innovations. Has luck against him – Every responsible citizen and netizen should ask Lady Luck to reconsider Her abandonment of such a brilliant mind, especially from the point of view of adoption of his inventions, at least to keep him happy.

3. Jef Raskin
Maker of the “Apple” Brand (he liked apples and Mackintosh apples in particular)
Great vision. Serial innovator. Invented wherever he went.
Sadly, Cancer stole this gem of a person a few years ago.

The most important thing, in common to these three, is their ability to steer clear of controversies and happily co-exist with people of contradicting opinions – shows that their minds are as mature as their brains.



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