Posted by: 2stepsback | October 10, 2007

Save yourself from spam

It should be obvious that I like opensource.
Also that I hate software patents.
Read my previous posts to see why software patents are a baaaaad thing.

Spam is everyone’s problem. Therefore, spam-fighting is many people’s business, sometimes very profitable.
However, since everyone does similar things to fight spam, and so as to not restrict any new spam-fighting ideas to any one entity, this idea of mine is free – as in freedom – for everyone to use for any purpose.

This also qualifies as prior art if no one else has thought up this idea, until right now, which is Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 08:18:30 (UTC)

To have a safe preview of your email before opening it, put a plug-in which converts the text of the email into an image, choosing a format that satisfies the following criteria:

(1) has no security holes in the rendering algorithm on that particular platform,

(2) one which is either:
(2a) incapable of being exploited by embedding code or “easter-eggs” or text or malicious code or malicious data if the interpreting or rendering code allows exploits
(2b) capable of modification, but has a popular plug-in or program that is free as in beer AND free as in freedom (GPLv2 OR LATER), which allows the user to safely view the contents.

(3) is completely free (as in freedom) to use in any way by everybody, and completely open to inspection by anybody and everybody, subject to no conditions, contracts, agreements or legal theories.

But (2b) is a second level of complexity introduced just to accommodate a flawed design. So, 2a is the realistic condition.

I hereby release this idea as free, as in freedom, to everyone to use as they wish.
No money, no fees, no contracts, no legal theories.

“Intellectual Property Left” or IP-Left

Note that I have in my contacts, two local, prosperous anti-spam-solution vendors who I could approach to make good money.
But this problem of spam is global. Everybody needs this solution.
So, no lock-in, monopoly, “exclusive” are not the right thing in this case.

I do not know whether this idea is already present in any product or thought up by anyone. Neither have I bothered to look. I thought it up.

Thank you!
Have a nice day!



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