Posted by: 2stepsback | October 16, 2007

I give up and so should you

I mean like this:

  • Give up one hour of fun every weekend – install Linux on a few PCs.
  • Give up one pizza, support a small project.
  • Give up one eccentric purchase, support the Linux Fund.
  • Give up one old PC – help freegeek make more helpful, innovative computers.
  • Give up one blank DVD a week – distribute a Knoppix Live DVD to your friends.
  • Give up one hour before the idiot box – listen to Linux Radio online.
  • Give up one pet convenience – use ogg formats for all your multimedia.
  • Give up one pet hate – the GPL, with dual licensing, is a better friend than shareware cracks.

So, give up every once in a while.

As for how not to really give up on a good thing, I would say this:
Take a break from your luxurious life and go out into nature.
Go see how an ant works for its food.
Go see how a bird flies around the whole day with just as much energy in the evening as in the morning.
Yes, dogs are always lazing around.
Choose IRC as a favourite place to laze around or meditation if you are away from your PC.
Monkeys are always jumping around. But they quarrel and fight the whole day long.
The less said about cats, the better. True geniuses, them cats!
If you can’t chirp away like a sparrow, at least laugh away on the internet. Nothing like a few jokes.
And yes, read my blog, which is the best you can ever get 😉 .



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