Posted by: 2stepsback | October 22, 2007

Get Out Linux

This post is the result of running around and telling people that Linux and open source are better in many ways, and occasionally getting strange results in the process. Read on.
In power sports or physical one-to-one confrontation (not always violent) it is usually the norm that you don’t become a “man” till you get a few hits straight at your face, or equivalent.
Those few blows teach you more than any training can.

So, I go to these Megaflop-supporting shops and being a “consultant” ($500 monkey with no code to show but lot of opinions πŸ˜‰ ), I am treated nicely at first.
“Come sit, have a tea or coffee. Ok. so, we have this business plan ….” – the regular discussions. Then, a break.
Then someone very watchful or some intermediate manager (not top level, mind you, advisory) goes out for a smoke, or to relieve himself.

Then, I am asked to wait outside (or call up later, as the case may be).
By which time, I have ensured that they know that such a thing as opensource exists. And GNU/Linux and user-freedom is the thing that we did not know we have a right to demand. I also show them how FLOSS is good in quality, and they generally agree to investigate properly on their own. The correct way.

Ok so, then the real fun begins.
The advisor comes in and some mumbling happens.
Then I am asked to wait for some time. Then we resume the talk.

[1] Them: “So, Mr. 2stepsback, you have given us this solution all right. We also liked this idea all right, but we have evaluated our priorities. We find that opensource does not fit into our picture well.”
[2] Me: “Huh? I mean, were you not actually convinced by all the proof that I just showed you?”
[3] Them: “No, see opensource is a philosphy and we are doing business.”
[4] Me: “But you just asked me to fix this [xyz] thing and I did.
Opensource is free, and the other things cost and I know how to use this thing. We just discussed so many ideas that you looked intersted in and …”
[6] Me: “Ok. Fine, there is Microsoft opensource as well. You have codeplex and you have the MSPL and Shared source and codeproject and…”
[7] Them: “We don’t want that either! We do no open source!”
[8] Me: “But you just thanked me for ….”
[10] Me: (thinking – there! one more! who is to tell these people?)
“But, see, at least business protocol demands …”
[11] Them: “PLEASE GO! ENOUGH!”
[12] Me: “Ok. Your choice. Btw, I fixed [xyz] problem of yours. Remember that. And also, one day you will come to Linux.”

So, that is roughly the stepwise description of Get-Out-Linux.
If this happens to you, remember to, short of getting physically thrown out, say no.12 emphatically.

With the air of a prophet predicting the Titanic. Because it will happen soon.
The iceberg is Gutsy and LinuxMCE and the poor design is Vista.

If you are a freelancer or trying to tell people about Linux, most guys will thank you. But this “Get Out” is bound to come about. In fact, we’ll witness a proper G-O-L transition period. Come back here after every GOL and remember the original $500 monkey who coined the term (what a great genius I am! πŸ˜‰ )

[xyz] problem is typically some setup they don’t know in an MS Product. I use, so, I have to sit on their machine in their chair (yep! Boss’ chair!) and tinker around and fix things. (Freelancers have to be self-taught.)

For the sake of proof, I will tell you the names IF you show us the code.



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