Posted by: 2stepsback | October 24, 2007

A few words

I hope to entertain.
I said *hope to*, ok?

So, Ok.

Scene at a certain legal department office:
Megaflop-lawyer-1: How much should we sue-per-man?
Megaflop-lawyer-2: How much should we … what?
Megaflop-lawyer-1: Sue per man! …… ?
Megaflop-lawyer-2: You nuts? I am not superman, but these Linux guys already have a sue-do in the code!! Oh my FUD-ing jaw! Will their program file a lawsuit automatically before we do?

2. Poetry:

When we were kids, parents schooled us.
When we were older, patents fooled us.

Play with words.
Then play with WordPress.
Play with your mind.
Then play with FreeMind.
Play with yourself. (rhymes!)
Then, play with everyone’s SELF.

First, they laugh at you.
Then, they criticize you.
Then, they fight you.
Then, you win Linux!


Nowadays, patience is a nice word in the dictionary.

I was too busy a person to do the dirty low-level work.
So, I left the job to a Finnish University student to do.
Although it was low-level work, he did it pretty pretty well.
(That was a *joke*. Another Linus will happen next *century*, not before.)

We humans are like this today because God used a Sindoze PC.

Sindoze is very much a Genuine ….. disadvantage.

Holy Forge, giver of the Source,
Give me today my n-th download!

In the beginning, there was an idea.
Oops…. End of story.!
(yeah! self-pointer.)

End User Lie-sense Aggrievement

Green, green or green? Which one for you?

Some more:
No law can bind me, except Murphy’s.


The Legislative History of the 1952 Patent Act inform us that Congress intended the patentable subject matter referred to in §101 to “include anything under the sun that is made by man.”
With this in mind, for better or for worse, in the United States virtually everything is patentable, including computer software, living organisims and business methods.

That, I’m afraid, the Congress has no clue about. I certainly hope that they also put “anything under the sun that is modified by man”.
We have yet to find even one thing that man has made from scratch.
Someone said that energy always changes in form. It is neither created, nor destroyed. Something like that….



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