Posted by: 2stepsback | October 29, 2007

I have a patent on shitting on the web

No really, I do.
I do have a patent on shitting on the web using headlines.
Go check it out.

Maan, I rock! Yeah.

Rather than shitting just once, I’m going to do a more eco-friendly thing – I’m making this permanent shitlist of possible *BULLSHIT* headlines that you might encounter as time passes.
Of course, you are free to have exactly the opposite opinion of what is written here.
In fact, you are encouraged to explore the opposite (more strongly) of what I intend to present here. After all, your brain is *your* *own* real Intellectual Property, and you have every right to it and I have no rights over your brain-IP.

  • RedHat needs to make deals with everyone else to survive.
    That’s bullshit because everyone needs to make deals to survive thrive on a hostile media-manipulated web.
  • Opensource guys don’t make money.
    That’s bullshit because Google uses only opensource products and is able make changes to the code to tune it to their specific needs – they have a custom OS, a custom SDK, a custom this and a custom that – that’s because the license allows that. And yes, Google isn’t making money. Ditto Yahoo! Ditto Sourceforge.


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