Posted by: 2stepsback | October 30, 2007

Does this help telecom cos and ISPs

You see, dial-up is slow. Broadband is fast if it is fast. Typically it’s just about okay. The next generation of internet content will need a lot more bandwidth than what is available right now. So, how about you break the two parts of internet communication – the request, and the response – over two different physical channels.
Like say, I wish to download a Linux iso file. These things are huge – 1GB upwards. And to download these over dial-up or medium speed broadband is an extremely frustrating experience. We all know this.

But we all also know that Direct-To-Home television or DTH gives very high content of digital data at high speeds and much lesser price in comparison to traditional ISP services. So, what if you make a twin-device that on the one hand does low-speed regular HTTP/S/POP/IMAP/FTP/… transfers, bi-directional and just as it is today, while you have a button in your browser or in the OS or in a dedicated free program which you click on to indicate that this one should come to my PC not from the wire but from the sky.
No, we do not need a new protocol.
Do you replace all metal furnaces and foundries when a new alloy is invented or a new metallic ore or mineral is discovered?
All you need to do is to add a module to Apache Web Server and a hardware setup for such a broadcasting capability. The ISP can decide how to price such a service.
So, you do not need to do torrents, you do not need to bother about overloading the internet due to massive streaming content and you can utilize the high-availability of DTH TV signalling technology for pruposeful knowledge sharing unlike using it only for advertisements and detailed biology courses as it is common today 😉
Geeks like to debug 3D simulations made by gaming engines or to visualize complex molecular structures, in preference to watching unproductive chemistry of another kind or free anatomy demonstrations 😉
And, you get to download the whole Debian distro in one evening! Like awesome! Suits me.
What say Google, Yahoo, any plans of disrupting the ISP business?
Fwiw, I hereby release this idea as free for everyone and anyone to use for any legitimate purpose. If it is new, this is prior art. I seek no fees, consideration or anything else. Make merry!
And give me my Debian download in a single evening. Yeah!



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