Posted by: 2stepsback | October 30, 2007

How silly of me

I thought that the spread of “virus” and “cancer” was so much that only something really disruptive would be needed.
Wrong. Bad estimation.

If you make a quick-and-dirty linux install simulator, you could assume that it will help people to quickly pick up Linux installation. and thereby, Linux companies will be able to reach out to more and more users. But that does not seem to be the way things work in industry.

Many reasons come to mind:

  • Firstly, it is too fast. Without a support structure in place, it will essentially be a spectacular flop. Just like Bzzta. That is something Linux cannot afford right now.
  • Second, lots of people stand to make lots of money by training PC assemblers to install Linux. Which means an online install trainer actually robs people of income.
    If that is so, I’m out of this immediately. No if’s and but’s.
    That one possibility did not really strike me as being so important. Turns out that it is the single biggest reason that not a single distro wants to make their respective install sequences easily available to the public for free.
    Funny. But in the end, good. What’s bad about people earning?
    Keep aside Sindoze’s native open-back-doors (anti?)spam policy or Megaflop’s monopolistic intentions. We have learnt to live with it. So we live with it. Smart guys will use Linux.
    For the rest of us, Sindoze is good enough.
    Losing a few 10s or 100s of millions of dollars in online theft to fund God-knows-what is OK. Linux could have prevented that. But apparently, it’s ok that way.
  • Third, same goes for videos. Install videos make people money. So, jumping around and saying that making free videos is going to promote Linux isn’t the best thing to do. Again, you’re robbing jobs.
  • Fourth, my fuse is 4-5 months long. Burned out. Upper limit to taking shit is crossed.

Several months ago I had posted a response at Probably that is right after all. Linux is for geeks and Sindoze for everyone else.

I leave you with a word of caution that is in order: Interoperability is not real. It exists only in newspapers and tech media sites, not inside customers’ computers. Try saying “interop” with Linux to a Megaflop partner and see how well trained he is to ask you to *get out*. That is my personal experience. No if’s and but’s.
How the distros are going to handle it is not my problem. We have already seen SCO, Linspire, and Novell. People with FSF awards are fallible. But, as RMS says, that’s life.

So finally, in essence, by not making a site of that kind, I’ve saved myself from robbing people of income. That feels warm and fuzzy.
The prospect of everyone using Bzzta is not nice, but when Linux shops want to earn money like Sindoze does, well, what can you say. Greed supercedes technology of any and every kind.
I’ll be around. Linux is great. “Slowly” works. “Quickly” does not.

Btw, if someone’s already done something like that please be kind enough to drop me a link. I’ll practise some installation myself without messing up my system. And give Linux support. And earn a living while simultaneously doing good things.
And yes, if you do plan to do something about it, try using simple HTML and images. That way many more people can use the code. Apparently the total number of Linux distros has crossed a thousand.
A thousand Linux simulation websites. Sounds fun.
Meanwhile guys, head on to
It does a lot of similar things. It looks awesome as well.



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