Posted by: 2stepsback | November 6, 2007

finally, here it is

So there. Just as we all had said and everyone had waited for so long.
Although from another company, Google’s OS is finally here.

The nice thing about it is that under the hood, it is Ubuntu. Which shows how open source enables people to make quality products much quicker than by using cathedrals. See Apple’s multitude of troubles. See Microsoft’s mountains of debris. And see how easy it is to use a Linux distribution and build anything you want to, on top of it.

25 years after the PC became the big thing, today, the Operating system is ready to be exactly what is should be – an operating system – a system which operates your computer and hosts your programs. It is not the main deliverable. Just the platform on which your programs work. This should have happened back in 1982.

Instead, we have spent a quarter of a century in lost development time and effort because of a few bad licenses and a few unethical practices by “dominant players”. I think the PC is going to be really useful from now on, just as it seems that it is actually going to be sidelined by the next big consumer thing – smart phones and mobile computers.

The personal computer, the _personal_ _compute_r, will now make its mark. The information-storing gadget has already moved on to the mobile phone platform. That is another market. Not most appealing for geeks, players and tweakers.

This may be stale news for many, but it is news for me and i think this is not to be underestimated. The biggest doggy on information street has now decided to show who is boss.

Very very interesting times lie ahead.
Keep watching, it’s going to be fun.



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