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Hand-in-glove Cheery mouse for Linux

Another playful idea emanating from my brain trained a weee bit with playful cleverness:

A hand-in-glove “Cheery mouse” ( 🙂 <– “cheery”) for Linux!

I thought it up myself. I sent an email to the sunny west coast as well.
Then, a day or so later, I saw this Nintendo “PowerMouse”.
The guy should have used a PC with the glove-mouse on!
He would have been rich today!

As always, this idea is free for everyone to use to make mice and sell to the Linux cats and GNU/Linux dogs (loyalty over royalty? how stupid!)
No IP, no patents, nothing.

Straight to the point (after meandering so much…):

A “glove” mouse for completely removing the strain of using mice, trackballs and touchpads and other pointing devices (save fingers, especially….)

The mouse is a glove _only_. No wires, no pads.
It is simple to make as well, from existing components, even from an existing wireless optical mice.
A skilled mouse mechanic can make it within 1 hour.

Open up an old wireless optical mouse and see what is inside.

We just have to *modify* an existing circuit like this:
Move the contacts for left, middle and right click to the index finger of a hand-glove.
A common “ground” contact on the thumb of the glove.

Now hold your fist as if you were holding the handlebar of a motorbike or the seat-rod in a bus.
Just that there is no real rod, so it is an empty half-closed fist.

Now, your index finger has three bones (as always).
The one with the nail will have the left-click contact.
The middle bone will have the middle-click contact.
The bone touching the knuckle will have the right mouse contact.
(Opposite for left-handed mouse for left-handed people – a flippable joint for the circuit will enable the same glove to be used by right- and left-handed people, so just design well.)

The thumb has the common contact (ground or whatever).

So, to left-click, touch your thumb to the contact next to your nail.
To middle click, touch the thumb to the middle bone.
To right click, touch the thumb to the lowest bone.

To move the mouse pointer around, assemble the optical-sensing circuit in a biscuit-shaped enclosure at the side-bottom of glove, that is, touching the table, between the glove and the table. So, when you normally keep your hand on the table (like banging your fist on the table angrily), the optical sensor is always touching the table.

To move the mouse just move your hand in circles (or cycloids, if you wish) on the table.

You don’t hold the mouse. _The mouse holds you._

Ok, now suppose you get angry and start banging the desk, the mouse will move over the screen and do things you do not want it to do. Then what?
Simple, have a on/off button somewhere.
“On” means the mouse is a mouse and signals are to be sent.
Toggle to “Off” and means mouse is off and it just like an ordinary glove.
Bang your hand happily till all your frustration is released!!
(or use Linux, if you don’t like banging.)

The circuit and the On/Off toggle button can fit anywhere – in the palm of the hand or behind the palm or on the forearm…… maybe even like spiderman!

to use this on a laptop, either you simply connect to the laptop an ordinary glove mouse (wireless), or, you provide a detachable joystick in place of the trackball or touchpad.
Thereby not needing to move the hand *at all*.

But a joystick will mean separation of circuitry into two devices.
But it is worth it since no moving of the hand means much less strain!

Where does Linux figure in this mouse?
Good question, I’m wondering myself.
Maybe the opensource or free software style of thinking has something to do with it.
Or maybe, all Linux distros could start selling these mice as well, just like the other “popular” OS makers also sell a lot of hardware!

Carpal Tunnel, good bye!

Apache Tomcat, come play with Linux’s new Cheery mouse 🙂 !

PS: Dell, free pass for you, for having shipped Ubuntu!
PPS: Everyone else is invited as well, including Microsoft! This is hardware. And it’s about avoiding Carpal Tunnel. No loss of revenues in that. signature: whirlpool 2007-11-12 15:00:05 UTC



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