Posted by: 2stepsback | December 1, 2007

A new browser interface

(NOTE: I haven’t bothered to look if it is already implemented. No time.)

I was reading this:
Then I read the comments, and it appears that some of the commenters have not read the linked articles.

So that is a problem. People do not have the inclination or willingness to read all the mentioned linked pages. That is a real problem and, idiot like me, I realize this is a constraint after more than 8 years of surfing the web.
Damn! Big zero in usability.
Never mind, never too late, especially when no one else seems to have figured it out. At least not Microsoft and the Wizards of Moz.

So, just like Snap™ pops up small windows showing thumbnails of pages, why don’t we have a cute Firefox add-on which shows you just the relevant contents of the linked webpage the moment you move your mouse over it or something. With widescreen monitors, this is going to be a very useful thing. The next thing after tabbed browsing. I can clearly see advertising companies see red. But they can always put that in the clauses somewhere.

To get a very clear picture of what I am saying, go to and check out Distortion and GraphView. Awesome.

And if your browser were to do that with the html you’re viewing and getting prefetched, linked content on the same screen as the present one, hah!
Mighty fast transfer of information and knowledge.

That brings us to another level of markup – “important” and “unimportant”.
So, what next?



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