Posted by: 2stepsback | December 8, 2007

Flash-wiki – wikid awesome!


What if you were to use wiki markup to describe Flash content?
Then use mtasc, flex, gnash, haxe, neko, flare to make flash-based content management systems or frameworks configured, authored and edited using only wiki-like markup!!

That gives a few more ideas:
wiki markup --> Flash output

wiki markup --> Flash-like javascript-driven dynamic output

wiki markup --> Presentations

wiki markup --> Documents
This is a lot like (La)Tex, AFAIK.

Wicked awesome!

Ah! Now to think of the day when we will talk of uniting wiki markup, actionscript, HTML, javascript, CSS, MIDI, all into one language to describe everything…..
I agree that I get over-futurisic at times…. but if there is one language that can do all of these things right now, it is your good old Java. Practically though, that also means that if you want to learn just ONE language to develop everything in, the best bet for such a language is Java.

Prior Art if new.



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