Posted by: 2stepsback | December 9, 2007

My two cents

Bad weekend.
Sad weekend.

We should be ashamed to call ourselves humans.

The kid – had he no access to guns, he would have at most *hurt* one or two people and smashed some property and *hurt* himself. Deaths (plural) happened only because of that weapon he used.

Gangs of New York

Everywhere, same problem.
Ease of availability of guns.

Yet, we show no signs of having a heart.

But does the media want to solve the problem or make quick money by broadcasting the story repeatedly and using ads to make more?
Corporate social responsibility?

“My sensational stories should get maximum hits and generate revenue.”
A journalist who does this is probably the lowest form of creation – a mistake by Nature. Defective design. Humans not involved in the incident, without simple pity and mercy, are well, not humans, just organisms.

Remember, your heart keeps working constantly without asking you for rent or subscriptions or showing ads.

So, how about No Ads For The Day as a mark of mourning ?
Can they at least do just that much?
Or, how about No Ads For This Story?

On your part, how about responsible consumption? Maybe temporarily boycotting such businesses or business practices. Don’t kill any business for a few mistakes. Don’t cripple or handicap them. Just remind them that they can’t get away with just about anything.
Maybe Day-long boycotts as a sharp reminder of the pressing need of responsible journalism.

Can you think of any other pointed protests that remind but do not damage?

(Practical note and disclaimer:
Don’t try this all by yourself in your office or school. No guarantee can be given that there exist any humans in your office or school management. They could all be just organisms. So, don’t try to be a hero or a revolutionary. it doesn’t work that way.)



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