Blog currently under reconstruction.

But these things seem to apply:

  • This blog exists for the sole purpose of showing off my intellect ( whatever its quality…)
  • This blog exists for the sole purpose of satisfying my “hacker” ego ( independent of presence or absence of skills…)
  • This blog exists for the sole purpose of wasting your time ( independent of content quality or your inclination to read… )
  • This blog exists for the sole purpose of … ( that is three already and still I keep saying “sole” – this is a check to see if you are awake.)
  • People with hypertension should not read this blog as you must take it with more than a pinch of salt and too much salt is bad for hypertension.
  • Orthodoxy and clean language are avoided intentionally, lest you think that I am some great mind (my vanity makes me say this, kindly note…)

  • Take my word for it, you will be happy if, instead of reading this crap, you write some real programs. Any language, any platform, any program, with or without innovation in it. But, opensource. Coding is better than reading this blog. Any day. Writing it as well.
    There are better places to go to read inspirational stuff. Read those.
    If you don’t get ideas (highly unlikely) then come here and pick one up and …..
    write the program. How I wish I could write more programs (sigh).

Remember, you are inferior to no one.
Hard work you must do.
But today, with sooooo muchchch free knowledge and free source code available at the click of a button, it is only your laziness(one extreme) or hastiness+indiscipline(other extreme) that stands between you and a few good programs.

IIRC, Einstein used to say something to the effect:
Education is the biggest hurdle to learning.

Wait! Don’t leave college or your job and flunk. That is a cardinal error. Why? Companies (the guys with the cash to pay your bills, but without the brains to see that you are precious to their organization) still do not know anything about the internet and the knowledge revolution. They know *nothing* about opensource and software freedom. They know nothing about crowdsourcing. They have their eyes tightly shut, just like their minds and their wallets. The last two, exceptionally so.
Instead, you simply have to realize that this new knowledge is just as much necessary as traditional degrees are. Degrees have great value. They teach you how to solve problems under pressure. Often, they teach you how to think reasonably. And always, they give you a necessary passport to a job. And yes, they do give you exposure to some of the best organized research and knowledge of our times. At the start of your career, that isn’t an option if you’re a normal guy like Jim, Tim, or Joe. But when you’ve paid out your home loan, by that time, people will begin listening to you. That is how it is in these times. It sucks.

But, not to worry a thing. Keep a separate time for surfing – say 30 minutes a day. In that time, you’re a student, but, a practical student. Use that refreshing knowledge in your work or studies the next day.
Good luck, and say me a prayer or two. If I know you, I’ll say you a prayer or two.
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